Newton NX Tiger Cub Electric Guitar


The first electric guitar I ever built was a kind of early NX and, although I've regularly modified and extended the basic concept over the years, these instruments still seem fresh and distinctive to me. The combination of a slab body with a simple neck recess allows for a certain rough charm and a pure, direct tone.

Newton NX Custom IIIT Electric Guitar

The neck is usually made of maple, and the body of swamp ash. Maple provides a strong, clear tone, with a percussive attack, while swamp ash is a relatively light but robust wood that offers warmth, bite, and character in equal proportions, and which looks terrific. However, many other woods, such as alder, mahogany, cedro, bubinga, and poplar, to name a few, have been used over the years to great effect for individual and different sounds.

Newton NX Custom Jet Electric Guitar

The simplicity of the NX's construction lends itself to modification and variation: the strings can be drawn through the body or fixed in a vibrato; two more pickups of different type and design can be used; and the volume and tone controls can be put pretty much anywhere.

Newton NX Custom Thinline Electric Guitar

Over the years a few of these variations to the NX theme have become popular in their own right: the original NX Tiger Cub, with its bolt-on neck and flat bridge, is a well-loved evergreen. Everything on this guitar has been kept to a minimum, and the sound is crispy and fresh.

Newton NX Tiger Cub Thinline Electric Guitar

The more modern NX-Custom has a contoured body, and a set neck that supports a fuller sound and more sustain. The neck join is optimized to improve access to the highest frets and humbuckers and a one-piece bridge are usually fitted.

The semi-acoustic NX-Thinline, with its hollow body and lightly arched top, is also generally fitted with humbuckers, and has a broad range of sounds at its disposal. Due to its hollow body this guitar is quite light, and is therefore very comfortable to play for long periods.

Some of the many possibilities can be seen in the pictures below:


  • 0100-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0105-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0110-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0115-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0120-Newton-NX12-Thinline
  • 0125-Newton-NX12-Thinline
  • 0130-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0135-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0140-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0145-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0150-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0155-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0160-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0161-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0162-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0165-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0170-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0175-Newton-NX-Thinline
  • 0200-Newton-NX-Tigercub-Babyblue
  • 0205-Newton-NX-Tigercub-Chrome
  • 0210-Newton-NX-Tigercub-White
  • 0215-Newton-NX-Tigercub-Orange
  • 0220-Newton-NX-Tigercub-Natur
  • 0300-Newton-NX-Deluxe
  • 0305-Newton-NX-IIIT
  • 0310-Newton-NX-IIIT
  • 0315-Newton-NX-Deluxe
  • 0320-Newton-NX-Custom-III
  • 0400-Newton-NX-Custom-Jet
  • 0405-Newton-NX-Custom-White
  • 0415-Newton-NX-Custom