Classic Series

It was the elegant curves and shapes of these Classic instruments and the way they were built in the 1950s and 1960s that I grew up with, and which still influence my methods today: I use a long-tenon join to glue the neck deep into the body, and a careful choice of woods to create the desired sound and weight without chambering; I cut deep recurves into the arched tops and I enclose the fret ends in the traditional 'nibs' extending from the fretboard binding; I use Mother of Pearl for the inlays and I finish each guitar in nitro-cellulose lacquer.

To add to the high build and tonal quality of these instruments I generally use bridges and stoptails from ABM, hand wound pickups from Harry Häussel, and machine heads from Schaller.


The Classic Single Cut models portrayed on this page were all built in original 50s style, mostly using light mahogany of a high quality for neck and body, and a thick maple top to provide the typical look and sound that is expected from this style of instrument. The body reaches a thickness of 60 mm at the centre of the archtop, and each sunburst is as unique as the beautiful wood beneath it.

Newton Standard Classic Twin Cut Electric Guitar

The Classic Twin Cut is a logical further development of the Single Cut design and is constructed in the same traditional fashion. Due to its second cutaway and a slimmer body the Classic Twin Cut combines the sound and feel of a Single Cut with faster response, reduced weight, and enhanced access to the higher frets.

The Super-G design is usually made purely of mahogany (apart from the fretboard). It is a classic rock instrument, light, unpretentious, and swiftly responsive to its player's touch. Its long neck allows for access to the highest frets and the neck pickup, sitting behind the 24th fret, offers a tighter sound than might usually be expected from the neck position.


As with the other instruments in the Classic series, the Super G lends itself easily to adaptation: different woods, bridge, and pickups, or a neck-thru construction are all options.

Newton Rock Special Electric Guitar

And finally, the Rock Special model shown below has the P90 pickups and aluminium wraparound bridge that are typical of these 'student' guitars. This is a twin cut model and its neck extends through the body to the bridge pickup recess. The neck pickup is moved to a more central position to strengthen the neck join, which gives it a much tighter sound. This understated design is a favourite among a number of successful professionals, and the sound is terrific.


  • Newton Custom Classic Single Cutaway Electric Guitar
  • Newton Classic Single Cutaway Electric Guitar
  • 0120-Newton-Blues-Classic-SC-04
  • 0130-Newton-Standard-Classic-SC-02
  • 0140-Newton-Custom-Classic-SC-07
  • 0150-Newton-Cedro-Classic-SC-03
  • 0160-Newton-Stranded-Classic-SC-18
  • 0170-Newton-Standard-Classic-SC-03
  • 0180-Newton-Custom-Classic-SC-12
  • 0190-Newton-Classic-SC-Thinline-07
  • 1100-Newton-Standard-Classic-TC-06
  • 1130-Newton-Standard-Classic-TC-09
  • 1300-Newton-Classic-TC-03
  • 1400-Newton-Classic-TC-04
  • 1500-Newton-Classic-TC-08
  • 1600-Newton-P90-Classic-TC-01
  • 1650-Newton-P90-Classic-TC-03-
  • 1700-Newton-Classic-TC-09
  • 1800-Newton-Grand-Classic-TC-04
  • 1850-Newton-Grand-Classic-TC-06
  • 2100-Newton-Rock-Special-TC-06
  • 3100-Newton-Standard-SuperG-04
  • 3150-Newton-Standard-SuperG-06
  • 3200-Newton-Custom-SuperG-04