Newton EXP15 Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic and semi-acoustic instruments are almost always individual creations, but at least two of my designs have become popular in their own right. Quite importantly for a custom design workshop, each of these designs can be easily adapted to the needs of individual players.


The first of these, the EXP series, is a steel-string acoustic offering a 40 cm body with a deep cutaway. The defining characteristics of this instrument are not volume, but an even sound spectrum across all six strings, combined with a crisp response and a long sustain. The string action is low and the neck is slim, so that guitarists more used to electric instruments will feel particularly at home playing it.


The second of these designs, the 38 Semi, is a traditional looking archtop semi-acoustic with a slightly reduced 38 cm body size. It is available as a single or twin cut, with or without (Bigsby©) style tremolo, in a variety of woods and body depths, and with or without a centre block. The top and back of the body are carved from solid blocks of wood, so that any strengthening to the interior of the arches can be allowed for during wood removal and not added afterwards in the form of extra struts to be glued in. This makes the construction of such an instrument quite complex, but the tonal qualities, and the lightness of the finished guitar, are well worth the extra effort.



  • 0010-Newton-38-Semi-Twin-05
  • 0020-Newton-38-Semi-05
  • 0030-Newton-EXP15-Maple-Mahogany-05
  • 0040-Newton-EXP-Acoustic-01
  • 0050-Newton-EXP15-14
  • 0060-Newton-EXP15-Maple-Mahogany-06
  • 0070-Newton-EXP15-Maple-Mahogany-08
  • 0075-Newton-EXP14-Bubinga-08
  • 0080-Newton_EXP14_Bubinga_09
  • 0090-Newton_EXP14_Bubinga_12
  • 0091-Newton-EXP14-Bubinga-11
  • 0095-Newton-EXP15-Maple-Mahogany-11
  • 0100-Newton-Exp-Acoustic-06
  • 0110-Newton-RB1-06
  • 0120-Newton-RB2-12
  • 0130-Newton-RB2-06