Gitarrenbauer Andrew Newton

Zu Andrew Newton und Newton Guitars:

Guitars have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. While I was still quite young I began to repair and play used or broken guitars. I learnt my first real guitar making skills directly from my father and his colleagues, and I started building my own instruments while still a teenager.

In the years since then I've done many things; I've travelled quite a lot, and been involved in a number of exciting design projects and jobs, but I've never stopped playing and building guitars and basses.

Andrew Newton Guitars is my Guitar Design Workshop, based in Northern Germany, where I repair, modify, and create all kinds of guitars and basses.

Over the years I have learnt to appreciate functional forms combined with classic designs, graceful, flowing, curves, and simplicity over complexity wherever possible, and I try to incorporate these principles into my instruments.

It is my aim to produce timeless, elegant, but also practical and playable guitars and basses with a great feel and sound; and each one individually tailored to suit its player's requirements. Please feel free to contact me directly by phone or by e-mail. You can find my details and send me a message on the 'Contact' page in the top menu.

I welcome a challenge, and I'd love to build for you any realistic instrument that you dare to imagine. However, I also offer a number of tried and tested designs that often serve as a basis for many musicians' needs.

Please take a look at the instruments on the following pages. Perhaps you will find exactly what you have been searching for, or a starting point for your own ideas:


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